Adults age 65 and older are eligible for CalEITC

More older adults are working later into their lives, making them the fastest growing segment of the labor force, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, less than half of households led by people over age 55 have any savings, according to state figures, and research shows the rate of bankruptcy filings for those over 65 are increasing rapidly.

The CalEITC is available to all workers making $30,000 or less. Older workers with dependents could receive up to $2,982, plus an additional $1,000 through the new Young Child Tax Credit if those dependents are younger than age 6. Individuals could receive up to $240. 

We have a calculator tool on our website that allows people to determine their eligibility and estimate their refund. Older adult workers who qualify for the CalEITC are also likely eligible for CalFresh food assistance and other public benefits.

CalEITC4Me has launched a new ‘Million 4 a Billion’ campaign to reach one million Californians and help them claim the $1 billion set aside for CalEITC refunds through online tax filing assistance.
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