SAN FRANCISCO–Today, Amy Everitt, president of Golden State Opportunity, released a statement following President Joe Biden’s Joint Session of Congress address regarding the American Families Plan:

“President Biden’s plan to support American workers and families and fund our future is an important and long overdue step forward. I hope this is just the beginning as we must do more to support those who struggle to afford life’s basic needs.

“We know the expanded Child Tax Credit works, lifting millions of children out of poverty and providing a vital lifeline to financial well-being. Congress should act to make the increased credit permanent because the high costs of raising a child will last well beyond the next four years. Working families need and deserve our support.

“We need bold and unwavering policy solutions to make our economy just, inclusive, and equitable. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to live paycheck to paycheck when wealthy Americans can easily afford to pay their fair share.”

Contact: Aonya McCruiston